Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day in the Life of

8:00 Get giggly Beckett out of bed, change messy pants and tickle/ snuggle time with Mommy
8:30 Cougar tromps down the hall to find us
8:45 Breakfast- Cougar has a bowl of cereal or pancakes while watching the movie of the week (currently Disney's Meet the Robinsons), Beckett likes bananas and ginger snaps and making a mess spitting his bananas at Mommy
9:00 Kids get dressed and we roll around on family room floor squealing
9:15 Cougar decides he wants to watch High School Musical 3 and have Mommy and Beckett sing backup- hence the picture with no pants, the guitar, and hat (he acts out all the songs and sings every word)
9:30 Beckett starts to rub his eyes and get crabby
10:00 Beckett goes down for nap, Cougar watches movie while Mommy sneaks down the hall to take a shower
10:08 Cougar realizes Mommy is gone and comes to yell through the shower door that he wants a shower too, Mommy says no
10:30 Time for hair, makeup and wardrobe (if I'm lucky, usually a ponytail and chapstick
11:00 Play time with Cougar, usually read books, play with cars (my car sounds are getting a little better- I'm a girl, they still stink)
12:00 Lunch time, Beckett wakes up, chaos begins
12:30 Mommy gobbles down leftover food from Cougar's plate, runs down the hall in time to see Cougar jump on Beckett, and the first timeout lesson of the day begins
1:00 Basement ball time begins- Cougar and Beckett play with all 900 balls we own and laugh hysterically at one another, Mommy gets the camera in time to see Cougar throw BIG ball at Beckett's face and crying commences
1:15 Mommy turns on the Backyardigans and everyone has a rest from the noise and chaos. Cougar loves to pretend with the characters, Pablo being his favorite
2:00 Beckett goes down for 2nd nap, Cougar makes as much noise as possible to wake brother up, Mommy gets mad and sends Cougar to his room
2:03 Cougar escapes from his room and plays like a maniac in basement (usually in Mommy's office while she tries to scrapbook)
2:45 Mommy's reminder to Cougar that it is almost nap time
3:00 Whining starts and ends quickly
3:04 Cougar and Mommy lay down in Coug's bed and it takes 3 seconds for him to relax and fall asleep.
3:45 Mommy wakes up mad that she lost her free time
4:00 Beckett wakes up and it's time to play
5:00 Cougar wakes up crabby and takes a few minutes to humanize
5:25 Daddy gets home! Yeah Daddy, we missed you.
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Play in basement and wrestle with Daddy
8:00 Beckett gets bottle and to bed
9:00 Cougar gets to jump into bed and hopefully fall asleep quickly (probably not!)
9:45-10:45 Mommy and Daddy fall into bed exhausted and sleep until babies wake up about 3:00a (usually with nightmares for the big boy and snack time for little boy)

No matter what happens they are still the 2 cutest boys I have ever seen! I love these crazy little men.