Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hurricane Cougar

For those of you that read us frequently you may recall the wonderful picture of Cougar painting himself with green and blue finger paints. Yes it was a beauty. I would have posted it again but I couldn't find it. . . Today was that day all over again. Only crazier! Cougar painted himself from his shirt sleeves down and even his face and head. Beckett refused to nap until 2 o'clock this afternoon. Cougar watered all of my flowers, the concrete, and the sliding glass door. We painted, demolished the basement, and had multiple tantrums (the kids, not me).
It got me thinking that I would be a lot more efficient if I didn't have kids but I would definitely not have as much fun or anything to write about on my blog. So here's to crazy, hurricane driven children that make my life anything but boring.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Today started out a little rough. . . Lots of screaming, messes, crying, and madness. But I am happy to say things just got better and better. By 2:30 everyone was asleep, including ME! Wa-whoo. That has not happened for a long time. So now it's 5 and everyone is mighty happy. Thank heaven for Friday naps. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Sorry to everyone for the long period of non-blogging. . .

Last Sunday we were trying to get ready for church. Sunday mornings happen to be the most hectic time of the week for me. Between the church clothes that need to be ironed, the bags of activities for the kids, don't forget the diapers and wipes or sippy cups; things can get pretty crazy. But lucky for us things were unusually quiet and calm. Cougar sat studying Brian for a while and then informed everyone that he wanted to wear a tie too. So Cougar and Mommy went to pick one out for Daddy and then Cougar.
Daddy wore a red striped tie so Cougar decided an orange striped tie would be the best option.I guess Cougar decided that the oranges matched in the tie and his plaid shirt. Okay! Whatever makes him happy. Cougar was so proud to go to church dressed just like Daddy. He received lots of compliments and a few giggles. But Mommy and Daddy were very proud of him. He looked so handsome!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy Boys

This week the boys and I went to St. George for a little break. We had a great time swimming, playing, and visiting friends from our old ward. We saw K.P., Nicole, and baby Houston and had a little adventure as Nicole watched me wrestle my 2 boys. She is so excited to have a mobile child! We watched movies and enjoyed the sunshine and nice weather. It was great! The reason we needed to get away is that I have very busy boys and they like to cause mischief. . . This is what they did that caused me to need a break from reality.

Beckett has become incredibly mobile and I am constantly chasing him all over the house. In and of itself this is not a bad thing but add to it a 2 year old that can find things to get into faster than I can run around and prevent crazy ideas and we have a major problem. This is a picture of Coug with lipstick all over his fingers. He found my favorite tube after digging through my purse and then decided to stick his fingers in it up to his second knuckle. Great. Of course he picks the lipstick that has been discontinued so I can't replace it. But his face was priceless!
This is Beckett after he discovered that he can walk all by himself if he pushes a miniature chair around the kitchen. Very cute.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dirt and Bikes

I will never understand little boys and dirt. It must be genetically programmed into them to love that gritty, grimy, rocky substance. I don't get it.

Yesterday Cougar asked to play in the backyard. The weather has finally started to be nice and we are all excited to be outdoors. So out my oldest munchkin went to explore and discover. And discover he did. He discovered:
1) Mommy likes dirt, but only when it is outside.
2) Dirt is fun to play in but not clean up.
3) Dirt sticks to sunscreen.
4) Mommy doesn't like to sweep the kitchen floor constantly.
5) Dirt does not taste good.
6) Sunburns and dirt are not necessarily a good combo.
7) Mommy doesn't appreciate dirt like little boys.
8) Cougar likes bath time, but not with dirt in the tub too.
9) Mommy likes dirt a)in the garden and b)with flowers in it.
10) Mommy and Cougar think dirt is neat but not stuck to us, on the kitchen floor, or in the bath tub.

While Cougar had a great time during the day in the dirt, both boys loved our family adventure when Daddy got home from work. This is another thing I will never get- high tech bikes. I would love a nice banana seat bike, but no Brian got me the mother of all bikes with 6 gears and other crap I have to learn how to use. What happened to just pedaling however fast you want to go? I'm not doing the tour de france, just taking my kids around the neighborhood. What-e-ver! (Not that I'm complaining, I love the bike, I just like simple things too!)

We finally invested in some nice bicycles and a trailer for the boys. Last night was the maiden voyage for Mommy's bike. It has been years since I have ridden a bike (I crashed as a teenager, had iodine poured into my road rash by my Grandma, and vowed never to get on one again.) Somehow Brian convinced me to get a bike because 'it will lead to great family adventure', yeah right! So we all hopped on/in. On for Brian and I, in for the kids. And took a little ride all around our neighborhood. We ended up at Wendy's for some dinner. It was an event to celebrate.
Mommy didn't crash, fall, or hate every minute of it. Brian on the other hand, hesitated a moment too long and fell over because he couldn't unclip fast enough. (I giggled inside but asked if he was okay.) But we sure had a good time. Cougar slept the whole time, Beckett got upset because Cougar was laying on him the whole time, and I was cursing Brian for the first few minutes (then I was fine). Beckett loved everything about moving but he did not like being stationary. I could actually hear him saying 'No Stopping, Dad!' It was great! Happy Family Home Evening from the Carters.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning

So here we are on another Monday morning. Don't worry. . . Things are never mundane at our house. It is a beautiful day, the weather is nice, and it might actually feel like spring today. Cougar has noticed the difference in climate and immediately asks to play outside. What the hay! So out he goes in his jammies to slide, make dirt piles, and drag a drainage pipe all over the yard. What fun little boys can have with nothing to play with.
After a while I hear him, "Mom, Mom, come watch me!" So out I go (like any good mother) to take some pictures of Cougar's pre-breakfast playing. Yeah!! He loves to slide, run, jump, and he refuses to look at the camera. What a character!
While Coug is out in the yard, Beckett is having a bath. Look how sweet he is. He started crawling laps in the tub. Daddy thinks he may be our football player but after this mornings display he just might be a swimmer.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bath Time

Cougar and Beckett experienced their first real bath together. It was quite an event. They splashed, picked on each other, and had a great time. As you can see I think we will continue to bathe together so Mommy can have some fun at bath time too. They are hilarious to watch!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Circus is in Town

The circus came to town last night. My children decided that last night was an appropriate time to do all the things they know are not allowed. I was on the phone when Beckett started screaming- for no apparent reason. At the same time Cougar was throwing Play Doh all over the kitchen (which I had just mopped). Beckett finger painted in his squash and sweet potatoes, I quickly maneuvered him out of his clothes and into the bathtub. While I was putting B in the bath Cougar was nicely painting at the bar with his finger paints. . . I should have known that he was too quiet. I got B out of the bath to find Coug covered in finger paints from head to toe. I was thrilled. (yeah right!) After B was dressed it was Coug's turn to take a bath. While I put Coug in the bath Beckett discovered that he could pull all of the moss out of my artificial tree in the family room. I quickly distracted him with something else. . . I don't even remember what.
Needless to say I was still on the phone, laughing my head off to my friend Haley, as she contemplated calling reinforcements for me. At least I can laugh about it!
When Brian got home he found all three of us lying on the family room floor in fits of giggles. The only way I could think of to keep them in one place and contained was to tickle them until there was nothing left to tickle.Life at our house is definitely NEVER boring.

We also bought a bike trailer for the kids and helmets. Cougar loves his! Take a look.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pink Pajamas

I took the boys over to my parent's house while I had all the Young Women at my house a couple weeks ago. By the time we were finished it was after Beckett's bedtime. I sent Brian to retrieve the boys while I was in a meeting. When Brian walked in the door he had a very upset look on his face. I thought for sure he had totaled the car or something equally as serious. . . He looked at me and said, 'Both boys are asleep in the car and Beckett is wearing PINK PAJAMAS!' I just about died laughing. For those of you who are familiar with my husband you will understand the full impact of these words. I don't think he would have been any less disgusted if I had served worms for dinner. The horror in his voice was evident.
It was quite funny. Every time I think about it I laugh out loud. To me this is not a big deal but to Brian. . . This is very important. It ranks up there with boys wearing lipstick, dressing in drag, or women growing beards. It is just not done. I don't think I will ever forget this. And just to be certain I took is picture the next morning. . . I would not be a good mother if I didn't document all of our moments. . . The good, the bad, and the unspeakable: Pink Pajamas.

While I am telling stories. Cougar has some very exciting news. His new favorite movie is Fraggle Rock. Don't remember it? It is a very old Jim Hensen Muppet show. I watch it quite often now and I must say it is just as catchy as when I watched it as a child.
Coug is also learning new phrases. The most popular being, 'But why Mom?' 'I can't do it, it's too late.' and 'It's my favorite!' We are definitely broadening our horizons. For the most part I just look at him and laugh. Most of the time I don't know what else to do. For instance, when he takes all of the blown Easter eggs and crunches them up into little pieces all over the kitchen floor. Or when he gets the lid to the Johnson's Baby Wash stuck in his mouth and panics because he can't get it out. Or when he 'helps' Mommy by taking all the eating utensils out of the drawer and places them neatly on the floor or hides them in his bedroom. He is such a big helper!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day in the Life of

8:00 Get giggly Beckett out of bed, change messy pants and tickle/ snuggle time with Mommy
8:30 Cougar tromps down the hall to find us
8:45 Breakfast- Cougar has a bowl of cereal or pancakes while watching the movie of the week (currently Disney's Meet the Robinsons), Beckett likes bananas and ginger snaps and making a mess spitting his bananas at Mommy
9:00 Kids get dressed and we roll around on family room floor squealing
9:15 Cougar decides he wants to watch High School Musical 3 and have Mommy and Beckett sing backup- hence the picture with no pants, the guitar, and hat (he acts out all the songs and sings every word)
9:30 Beckett starts to rub his eyes and get crabby
10:00 Beckett goes down for nap, Cougar watches movie while Mommy sneaks down the hall to take a shower
10:08 Cougar realizes Mommy is gone and comes to yell through the shower door that he wants a shower too, Mommy says no
10:30 Time for hair, makeup and wardrobe (if I'm lucky, usually a ponytail and chapstick
11:00 Play time with Cougar, usually read books, play with cars (my car sounds are getting a little better- I'm a girl, they still stink)
12:00 Lunch time, Beckett wakes up, chaos begins
12:30 Mommy gobbles down leftover food from Cougar's plate, runs down the hall in time to see Cougar jump on Beckett, and the first timeout lesson of the day begins
1:00 Basement ball time begins- Cougar and Beckett play with all 900 balls we own and laugh hysterically at one another, Mommy gets the camera in time to see Cougar throw BIG ball at Beckett's face and crying commences
1:15 Mommy turns on the Backyardigans and everyone has a rest from the noise and chaos. Cougar loves to pretend with the characters, Pablo being his favorite
2:00 Beckett goes down for 2nd nap, Cougar makes as much noise as possible to wake brother up, Mommy gets mad and sends Cougar to his room
2:03 Cougar escapes from his room and plays like a maniac in basement (usually in Mommy's office while she tries to scrapbook)
2:45 Mommy's reminder to Cougar that it is almost nap time
3:00 Whining starts and ends quickly
3:04 Cougar and Mommy lay down in Coug's bed and it takes 3 seconds for him to relax and fall asleep.
3:45 Mommy wakes up mad that she lost her free time
4:00 Beckett wakes up and it's time to play
5:00 Cougar wakes up crabby and takes a few minutes to humanize
5:25 Daddy gets home! Yeah Daddy, we missed you.
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Play in basement and wrestle with Daddy
8:00 Beckett gets bottle and to bed
9:00 Cougar gets to jump into bed and hopefully fall asleep quickly (probably not!)
9:45-10:45 Mommy and Daddy fall into bed exhausted and sleep until babies wake up about 3:00a (usually with nightmares for the big boy and snack time for little boy)

No matter what happens they are still the 2 cutest boys I have ever seen! I love these crazy little men.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lion King and the Beast

Cougar has become a movie buff since we've been homebound for the winter. Lately the favorites have been Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King. So one day I decided to let Coug be the Beast. We made him this beautiful mane and I taught him to roar and we watched Beauty and the Beast over and over.
Thank heavens that little phase is done. We are now into Mamma Mia and the Bee Movie. Both of which make me laugh. Mamma Mia is great because it requires no costumes. . . Cougar and I are working on creating bees to play with while we watch Bee Movie.

** By the way. . . My Sweetheart bought me a Cricut for Valentine's Day! Yahoo! Have I told you lately that I have the Best Husband!! Brian, if you read this- I love, love, love you. More every day.

Just like Daddy

Last night Daddy had a city league basketball game. Cougar wanted to look like Daddy so Brian put his jersey on Cougar and let him bounce the ball for a few minutes. We ventured out of the house to go to the game because Cougar, Beckett and I were all going to scream. We definitely need a change of scenery. So we all piled into the car and headed off to Orem Jr. High.
Cougar was so much fun! He loved every minute of the game. He cheered, screamed, shouted, jumped up and down, ran up and down the bleachers, and my fav- yelled 'go, go , go over and over. It was awesome. I was very proud of my big boy who wanted to be just like his Daddy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One More

Cougar has become my little negotiator. It doesn't matter what 'it' is he will try to get more, longer, bigger. . . whatever. Tonight it was chocolates, yesterday it was 'one more show' before bed. He will bargain for just about anything. I think I gave him about 8 Hershey's miniatures. I can't say no to that sweet smile and laughing eyes. . . Especially when he asks so nicely.
This picture is of my sweet boys the first time Cougar held Beckett. At that time the negotiation was how long he could hold Beckett. 'A few more minutes, Mamma'. Yes Cougar, you can hold him for a little bit longer. . . Boy am I in trouble.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Cougar says the funniest things! Here are some of his latest words and phrases:'Mamma Nina' which is the movie 'Mamma Mia' He loves this movie! We watch it at least twice a day. I figure it can't be that bad because he plays his guitar along with it and sings too. 'Cry about it' He says this anytime he wants to you cry. If you ask for a hug he tells you to 'cry about it' because Grandma and Paga always pretend to cry if he won't hug them. 'Oh my gosh!' also heard on 'Mamma Mia' he doesn't know what it means but it seems to work for almost any situation. 'Lush you!' This is my favorite. It means I love you and I get to hear this one everyday! I have such sweet little boys. I know that if Beckett could talk he would say I 'lush' you too! This picture is Cougar jammin' along with 'Mamma Nina' this morning during breakfast.

Perfect Morning

This morning the boys and I had a perfect morning. Beckett woke me up at 7 to eat. I got to love on him for 15 minutes before Cougar joined the party. Daddy kissed everyone as he headed off to work. Beckett, Coug and I made the beds, cleaned out B's dresser so we could fill it with clothes that actually fit him, and then we headed to the kitchen. Coug and B watched Mamma Mia while I made pancakes. There was no whining, crying, tantrums, or fights over breakfast. We just had a good time. Then it was off to the bath followed by lotion, diapers, clothes, and nap time for Beckett. Cougar finished Mamma Mia while I took my shower, uninterrupted mind you, and then I even got to do my hair and put on a little makeup. Life is good. We are happy. And Mommy loves these boys and this life!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because I Love Them

It is a little after midnight and i have been reading NieNie's blog again. I can't help it. That woman truly inspires me. I want to be a better person because of her example because I love my family. She has such a wonderful attitude and she is such a great wife and mother. One of the things I have read recently that hit me really hard was this. She said, 'Starting today I am going to be better. I am going to listen, love, communicate, cherish, enjoy, teach, preach, and prepare my children, Time for everything else later.' I love this! I love the perspective and wisdom behind who she is as a person. I want to be more like her. I want to do everything she listed and I want to do it for my family. For my sweet husband. For my beautiful boys. Because I love them. Because I can. Because I want to be my best and I want my boys to be their best as well.


Cougar is my little 'No-Man' today. I think that when he turned two he lost all ability to utter the word 'Yes'. I think it is genetically programed into little boys and girls to be little boundary pushers a.k.a. little weenies. Today I am at a loss as to how I need to deal with him. I am becoming the 'No-Mamma'. Cougar has decided that today is the day to lay on his brother, throw food all over the kitchen, scream at me, play jump over Beckett, and throw things at the ceiling. Such things include measuring spoons, guitars (yes, full-sized), rubber duckies, and dirty diapers. All before 10 o'clock this morning. Any advise?! Is is naptime yet? These pics show you the little gleam in his eyes. . . I can see him planning his next move right now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy to Be Me

I am so happy to be me! I love that my husband is still in love with me even after six and a half years. Even seeing me in sweats with my hair in a ponytail and baby snot on my sleeves. I love that we still giggle together in bed at night and that he makes me feel beautiful. I love that my kids are funny, energetic, and at times out of control. I love that Cougie gives hugs and kisses every night and Mister Magoo is learning to eat sweet potatoes and spits them at me every time he eats. I am so happy to be me. To have this family forever even with the messes, chaos, and crazy days. I am also happy to have NieNie back. If you want to be uplifted visit her at nieniedialogues.blogspot.com. She is wonderful!