Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hello Friends and Family! I know it has been a really long time since our last update. Oh, go ahead and look. . . it was last June. I know! So here is our update.

Brian is:
Playing basketball, coaching the Young Men's basketball team, and watching BYU basketball. Go Cougs!
Working like a madman at Provo Land Title Company.
Playing with our cute boys any chance he gets.

Brielle is:
Playing with our cute boys every day.
Baking treats for friends, family, and the occasional party.
Sleeping, eating, and behaving strangely because of this pregnancy. Yes, we are expecting our third little boy in June! Yahoo!!
Scrapbooking, making cards, and occasionally reading. Anyone have any good suggestions?

Cougar is:
Getting ready to start preschool this fall.
Playing with his active younger brother.
Watching Hercules, Robin Hood, and Curious George on an almost daily basis.
Helping Mommy with the chores specifically the laundry (he likes to throw it down the stairs) and kitchen duty (making a mess so Mommy has something to do).
He is totally into Wii sword fighting and bowling. He can beat both Mommy and Daddy!

Beckett is:
Growing like a weed. He weighs only 6 pounds less than Cougar and recently has learned that he can tackle and tease his older brother.
Loves anything outside including parks, running away from Mommy, and eating dirt.
Likes to eat raisins, carrots, and unfortunately a little Play Doh. Yucky!

We are all doing great and hope you are too! Until next time . . .