Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy Boys

This week the boys and I went to St. George for a little break. We had a great time swimming, playing, and visiting friends from our old ward. We saw K.P., Nicole, and baby Houston and had a little adventure as Nicole watched me wrestle my 2 boys. She is so excited to have a mobile child! We watched movies and enjoyed the sunshine and nice weather. It was great! The reason we needed to get away is that I have very busy boys and they like to cause mischief. . . This is what they did that caused me to need a break from reality.

Beckett has become incredibly mobile and I am constantly chasing him all over the house. In and of itself this is not a bad thing but add to it a 2 year old that can find things to get into faster than I can run around and prevent crazy ideas and we have a major problem. This is a picture of Coug with lipstick all over his fingers. He found my favorite tube after digging through my purse and then decided to stick his fingers in it up to his second knuckle. Great. Of course he picks the lipstick that has been discontinued so I can't replace it. But his face was priceless!
This is Beckett after he discovered that he can walk all by himself if he pushes a miniature chair around the kitchen. Very cute.