Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hurricane Cougar

For those of you that read us frequently you may recall the wonderful picture of Cougar painting himself with green and blue finger paints. Yes it was a beauty. I would have posted it again but I couldn't find it. . . Today was that day all over again. Only crazier! Cougar painted himself from his shirt sleeves down and even his face and head. Beckett refused to nap until 2 o'clock this afternoon. Cougar watered all of my flowers, the concrete, and the sliding glass door. We painted, demolished the basement, and had multiple tantrums (the kids, not me).
It got me thinking that I would be a lot more efficient if I didn't have kids but I would definitely not have as much fun or anything to write about on my blog. So here's to crazy, hurricane driven children that make my life anything but boring.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Today started out a little rough. . . Lots of screaming, messes, crying, and madness. But I am happy to say things just got better and better. By 2:30 everyone was asleep, including ME! Wa-whoo. That has not happened for a long time. So now it's 5 and everyone is mighty happy. Thank heaven for Friday naps. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Sorry to everyone for the long period of non-blogging. . .

Last Sunday we were trying to get ready for church. Sunday mornings happen to be the most hectic time of the week for me. Between the church clothes that need to be ironed, the bags of activities for the kids, don't forget the diapers and wipes or sippy cups; things can get pretty crazy. But lucky for us things were unusually quiet and calm. Cougar sat studying Brian for a while and then informed everyone that he wanted to wear a tie too. So Cougar and Mommy went to pick one out for Daddy and then Cougar.
Daddy wore a red striped tie so Cougar decided an orange striped tie would be the best option.I guess Cougar decided that the oranges matched in the tie and his plaid shirt. Okay! Whatever makes him happy. Cougar was so proud to go to church dressed just like Daddy. He received lots of compliments and a few giggles. But Mommy and Daddy were very proud of him. He looked so handsome!