Friday, June 24, 2011

Hair Cut

It has been a long while since I had a haircut. My hairdo lady moved in December and I really dislike trying to find someone new. So it has taken me NINE months to find a new hairdo person. Thank heaven for Carlee. I love Carlee. She is my hero. If you've seen me lately you know that my hair was a little longer than my shoulders and a unmemorable brown. No longer! Here is my with my new 'do. Unfortunately it is late at night and it has been a particularly unhappy friday. . . Kiera, this one's in honor of you. Anyway, here it is, drum roll please.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In A Nutshell

We have been super busy the past few months with end of school, work, Young Men, and life in general. I know it's a bad excuse but there you have it. Here are a few highlights from the past little while.

I designed my business cards and logo, here is the basic look:

We finally had one good day of weather in April? Or was it May? So Beckett, Calloway, and I had a chilly picnic in the park.

For Mother's Day we got all the cousins together for a grandkids picture for Mary and some cute ones of my boys for my mom:

Next was the annual trip to "The Goon" better known to all as Lagoon. Look how excited we are to be here!

For field day Cougar showed off his cool dance moves. Beckett and his friend Sawyer danced along with the fun music for about an hour.

Then came the major milestone. . . Preschool Graduation! Ms. RuthAnn and Ms. Cecilia were great this year so we made them each a fun mini album to remember the year. We love you Ms. RuthAnn and Ms. Cecilia!

For Calloway's Birthday we had the neighbor kids over for a water party and yummy food. Watermelon, chips, Cheetos, and cookies were the snacks with mini drumstick ice cream cones being the big finale! My friend Susan even brought balloons and a pump so the kids could have swords. She is the best! Calloway didn't get it but had fun anyway!

We also had a large family party for Calloway's big day. Both Grandparents came along with cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone else. Thanks to the grandparents for the gifts and everyone else for sharing this day with us! For those that couldn't make it we missed you but can't wait to see you soon(er)!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know it has been FOREVER since I last posted but we have some exciting news! (no I'm not pregnant.) Our family is excited to announce the arrival of the internet into our home! It is going to make my life a lot easier and hopefully make me more productive. . . Yeah right. Anyway, I hope to be posting more frequently with our new upgrade at my fingertips. On to business. Here are a few photos of our family that are a little more current.

I would love to say that my family is 'picture perfect' all the time but let's face it, we're not! For the most part we are never perfect and most of the pictures I have taken OR had someone else take of us are very . . . realistic! So here are some real photos of my not-so-perfect but wonderfully exciting and crazy family. The first set is in sequential order. . .

For those of you that know us well, okay at all, know that this is very much the way we are. When we do get those picture perfect photos they are amazing SO here are just a couple of us.

Brian and I




Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last night was awesome! I attended my ward's 'Weekday Relief Society Meeting' with the wonderful women of the Cherry Hill 5th ward. We had a great time. We sanded, painted, 'mod podged' and giggled through crafts, family memories, and silly stories. I love having a place where I can just hang out and chat with witty, unique women of all ages...
I am learning that I have indeed been given a 'crafty' instinct. I never knew I had it until recently. But I am happy to say that I love creating new things and making stuff up. Sometimes I don't even care if it's perfect. (This is a big thing for me!) Anyway, I will be presenting some family and friends with homemade gifts in the near future due to my new found love of crafting.

Refrigerator Magnets

"Brag Book" for Little Sis Keira

Monday, November 8, 2010


So here we are on another Monday. Sorry there have been no updates but we have all had the "sickies" also known as the stomach flu. Yuck! Cougar started us off last Wednesday and he was sick until Thursday afternoon, Beckett was sick on Friday and Brian and I got sick Friday evening and we were sick until yesterday. It was horrible. On Saturday Gramma and Russie took the kids so Brian and I could try to get better. . . We got Russie sick in return. SORRY! And just in time for her to visit Court and the kids. REALLY SORRY!! But the good news is we are feeling much better.

I am so excited it is Thanksgiving time. I love it. The food, the memories, and the food. Did I mention the food?! For anyone who cares I found this great website for those who need new ideas for their crockpots. It is Ohhh Yeah! So try a new recipe and I hope it's good. This wife and mother decided to use her crockpot everyday for a year. . . And we get all her recipes. She even rates them for you so you know what to try and what to skip. I've been inspired. . . But not enough to have dinner ready to go for tonight. (Sick stomach remember?) Good luck with the crockpot and happy eating.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Thankful Heart

I would like to officially welcome autumn into my home. For those that don't know this about me, autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the sounds (crunch, crunch of the falling leaves), smells (pumpkin pie and hot cocoa) and the sights (pretty leaves and bulky sweaters). Who doesn't love the atmosphere and grateful feelings that accompany fall?
This year I am trying to feel grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life AND more importantly remember my gratitude for everything on more than just Thanksgiving day. Sometimes I get so involved in all the "stuff" of this holiday and others that I forget their true purpose. So here's to being grateful for the here and now, Here and Now! Here are a few of the people and things I'm grateful for today, November 1st.

Baby Toes

Healthy Kids

Beckett- Quiet For the Moment


Crazy Boys

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello Friends and Family,
Yes I know I am the world's worst blogger. I never update and half the time my internet isn't working. . . So here is what our world currently consists of:

Cougar Starts Preschool- Everyday I walk my kids over the river and through the woods (down the street, though the park) to school where Ms. Ruth is his teacher and he gets to sing, play, color, and cut. It's just like home but with new faces and no mess for Mommy! We love preschool. Coug is also playing soccer in a youth league. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen! It reminds me of the movie 'UP' with the talking dog. He talks and talks and talks but randomly bursts out "Squirrel!" Just imagine 8 little boys chasing a ball, running after each other and rolling around in the grass just because they can. One game all the kids on one team stopped to watch a worm in the grass. . . The other team would have scored but they stopped to watch it too. Good times.

Beckett is still into everything and wants to be big like his brother. Before we make the trek to school he puts on his 'pack pack', shoes and of course grabs his mandatory fruit snacks. Yes it is a long way for little legs. We head to school and then he's down for a nap until Coug is home.

Calloway is growing like a weed and I'm happy to say he loves to sleep! I know everyone with young kids that don't sleep is cursing my name but just think that he is the only one sleeping through the night at my house! So there. He is a very giggly, sweet, smiley little man and I love him to pieces! And I finally got a baby that loves to snuggle! Yipee for Mommy!!

Brian is working, working, and hanging with the young men as 'El Presidente'. Call him that to his face, he really loves it! (Can you feel the sarcasm in my voice?) Tuesdays he plays basketball at church, Wednesdays is Young Men, and most Saturdays he is involved in football and Cougar's soccer team. Either at the stadium (if you don't know which one, you obviously don't know us) or seated in front of the television.

I am currently making 75 pinwheels and cutting out 50 2 inch and 2 and a half inch circles for Aunt Cody's wedding party centerpieces. . . It's awesome!! I also volunteer in Coug's class once a week and have a blast as a soccer mom. I know it sounds weird but I do love it! I am also building custom scrapbooks for clients from Orem to New York. Yes my friends New York City! It is truly a blast. I get paid to play and be creative.

Our lives are exciting and wonderful. Never a dull moment!