Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello Friends and Family,
Yes I know I am the world's worst blogger. I never update and half the time my internet isn't working. . . So here is what our world currently consists of:

Cougar Starts Preschool- Everyday I walk my kids over the river and through the woods (down the street, though the park) to school where Ms. Ruth is his teacher and he gets to sing, play, color, and cut. It's just like home but with new faces and no mess for Mommy! We love preschool. Coug is also playing soccer in a youth league. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen! It reminds me of the movie 'UP' with the talking dog. He talks and talks and talks but randomly bursts out "Squirrel!" Just imagine 8 little boys chasing a ball, running after each other and rolling around in the grass just because they can. One game all the kids on one team stopped to watch a worm in the grass. . . The other team would have scored but they stopped to watch it too. Good times.

Beckett is still into everything and wants to be big like his brother. Before we make the trek to school he puts on his 'pack pack', shoes and of course grabs his mandatory fruit snacks. Yes it is a long way for little legs. We head to school and then he's down for a nap until Coug is home.

Calloway is growing like a weed and I'm happy to say he loves to sleep! I know everyone with young kids that don't sleep is cursing my name but just think that he is the only one sleeping through the night at my house! So there. He is a very giggly, sweet, smiley little man and I love him to pieces! And I finally got a baby that loves to snuggle! Yipee for Mommy!!

Brian is working, working, and hanging with the young men as 'El Presidente'. Call him that to his face, he really loves it! (Can you feel the sarcasm in my voice?) Tuesdays he plays basketball at church, Wednesdays is Young Men, and most Saturdays he is involved in football and Cougar's soccer team. Either at the stadium (if you don't know which one, you obviously don't know us) or seated in front of the television.

I am currently making 75 pinwheels and cutting out 50 2 inch and 2 and a half inch circles for Aunt Cody's wedding party centerpieces. . . It's awesome!! I also volunteer in Coug's class once a week and have a blast as a soccer mom. I know it sounds weird but I do love it! I am also building custom scrapbooks for clients from Orem to New York. Yes my friends New York City! It is truly a blast. I get paid to play and be creative.

Our lives are exciting and wonderful. Never a dull moment!


konnie said...

Wow, Cougar is in pre-school. I thought it was just yesterday that he was in our office scooting around on the floor. Where did the time go. Just an FYI, I love hearing the many, many stories Brian tells us of your family.

Amy said...

Your kids are so cute! Can't believe how big their getting! Glad to hear all is going good! Take care!