Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last night was awesome! I attended my ward's 'Weekday Relief Society Meeting' with the wonderful women of the Cherry Hill 5th ward. We had a great time. We sanded, painted, 'mod podged' and giggled through crafts, family memories, and silly stories. I love having a place where I can just hang out and chat with witty, unique women of all ages...
I am learning that I have indeed been given a 'crafty' instinct. I never knew I had it until recently. But I am happy to say that I love creating new things and making stuff up. Sometimes I don't even care if it's perfect. (This is a big thing for me!) Anyway, I will be presenting some family and friends with homemade gifts in the near future due to my new found love of crafting.

Refrigerator Magnets

"Brag Book" for Little Sis Keira

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konnie said...

Love what you made. Sounds like you had fun and they are so cute.