Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In A Nutshell

We have been super busy the past few months with end of school, work, Young Men, and life in general. I know it's a bad excuse but there you have it. Here are a few highlights from the past little while.

I designed my business cards and logo, here is the basic look:

We finally had one good day of weather in April? Or was it May? So Beckett, Calloway, and I had a chilly picnic in the park.

For Mother's Day we got all the cousins together for a grandkids picture for Mary and some cute ones of my boys for my mom:

Next was the annual trip to "The Goon" better known to all as Lagoon. Look how excited we are to be here!

For field day Cougar showed off his cool dance moves. Beckett and his friend Sawyer danced along with the fun music for about an hour.

Then came the major milestone. . . Preschool Graduation! Ms. RuthAnn and Ms. Cecilia were great this year so we made them each a fun mini album to remember the year. We love you Ms. RuthAnn and Ms. Cecilia!

For Calloway's Birthday we had the neighbor kids over for a water party and yummy food. Watermelon, chips, Cheetos, and cookies were the snacks with mini drumstick ice cream cones being the big finale! My friend Susan even brought balloons and a pump so the kids could have swords. She is the best! Calloway didn't get it but had fun anyway!

We also had a large family party for Calloway's big day. Both Grandparents came along with cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone else. Thanks to the grandparents for the gifts and everyone else for sharing this day with us! For those that couldn't make it we missed you but can't wait to see you soon(er)!

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Talyn said...

Yes, yes, YES!! I love this. I didn't even know about some of these things--like those adorable grandbaby pictures. Seriously. Fabulous. And now . . . for the hair reveal. I'm ready. Go ahead. Any time.

I'll blog more if you do.